Remove Tidal Links?

I subscribed to Tidal Hi Fi (flac) for about a year, and “downloaded” links to a number of albums and songs. I found I really wasn’t using the service much, so I thought I would just “downgrade” to the regular (mp3) format. Unfortunately, that also wiped out all my “links” to the HD material - all are “unavailable.” It just wasn’t something I wanted to do (search for the links to albums and songs in flac and replace them all with links to MP3 material), so I cancelled Tidal. Now I would like to remove all those Tidal links. Is there a quick and easy way to do that? Or must I do it one at a time?

I’m surprised you have Unavailable tracks.

Can you try and restart Roon (or Roon Server) Core and see if that helps?

Also, you could log out of Tidal in Settings > Services and then log back in.

Let us know if that makes any difference.

Cheers, Greg

Restated Roon Server. I also logged in and out of Tidal. The place where I most easily see the “unavailable” tracks are in my playlists that had Tidal songs in them.

Hello @Ronald_Lyster,

I am not sure where exactly you have saved those tracks but you should be able to right-click to select a track and then shift-click to expand the selection if on PC, or press-and-hold on mobile to start selecting a few. You may also want to try using the Focus Feature to sort the TIDAL tracks in your library and then remove them that way.


I’m not finding the “TIDAL” selection in focus…

@Ronald_Lyster - It should be under Format -> TIDAL:


I found out that you must be logged in to Tidal for that option to appear. I didn’t think I could log in, since I quit the service, but I could and I deleted all the tracks. THANKS and Merry Christmas!

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