Remove tracks from radio & shuffle?


Is it possible to remove tracks from radio & shuffle, make sure they are never picked when Roon is in radio or shuffle mode?

For example I have a live album which has 23 tracks, 10 of them are spoken intros, I want to stop the intros from being picked.

For example radio played me the 1 minute intro “Clay” from the above album (a tribute to Fran Healy’s newborn son) and then played “Let it Die” by the “Foo Fighters”.

Even better if I could group “Clay” (first) and “My Eyes” (second) so they were played together by radio/shuffle in that order.



Hi Richard,

In the Album/Track listing you’ll see a heart outline. Pressing that once to a solid heart will Favourite a Track. Pressing it twice to a strikethrough circle will Ban a Track which will remove it from Radio selection. Not sure about Shuffle.

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