Removed Music Folder by mistake [Answered]

Stupid mistake–I went to do a Settings | Storage | Force Rescan, then something diverted my attention, and I hit Remove by mistake. So a comment and question.

  1. I’m pretty certain that there was no warning step between pressing Remove and the actual removal of the Music Folder. I’m reluctant to test this out, in case I’m correct; and if I am correct, I’d really recommend an intermediate Affirmation stage for something this important. Happy to post this over under Enhancement requests if someone can confirm my assumption.

  2. “Recreating” the Music Folder was trivial, of course, but it did have to re-import all 60k tracks, which took a little while (but not too long, considering). So my only question relates to all of those customized fields and other customizations that one makes over time. Does the process of removing and then recreating a Music Folder–with no other changes either to the library files or the database–bring one back to exactly where one was before the Removal? Or could something be ‘unlinked’ or lost in that process?


Yes, providing the Settings --> Library --> Clean Up Library has not been selected.

Excellent, Carl. That’s very reassuring!