Removing Album/Track Picks

Having imported my collection from Sooloos as flac files, my previous track picks have also been imported. Is there a way I can remove these track picks now all my music is in Roon? Thanks!

I’m not sure what you mean by “track picks have also been imported”… can you clarify?

Some of the albums have a tick on them and some of the tracks also have ticks. When you select the album, you get the opportunity to Play Picks. It’s these tracks that I want to move the ticks from so I can reset the picks. Hope I’m making sense here? Thanks!

Picks are the editorial picks, given by reviewers… they are not currently editable, but will be at some future point when we allow for deeper editing. Think of them more like the review text, but a flag.

For your own “liked” tracks, you should be using the heart favoriting icon. We also provide a quick focus on favorites (the heart) on the browsers, whereas nothing like that exists for picks.

Thanks Danny. I thought they were favourites that had come over from Sooloos. I appreciate the super fast response.