Removing an album from play time stats

I recently burnt in a pair of headphones using generic pink and brown noise tracks from Tidal streamed through Roon. The burn in process took a couple of days of non-stop repeat playing.
My top album and artist stats are now polluted with these noise tracks.
Does anyone have an idea how I can remove these tracks from my play count stats?
I’m a bit OCD about these things and would like the stats to reflect the music I actually listen to and enjoy.
Thanks in advance…

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Looking for same solution

could you hide the album?

if you ‘Remove from Library’ these albums/tracks , they will disappear from your stats (Most Played). After Cleaning Library in Settings, add the Album to your Library again.
Number of Plays = 0.


Thanks that worked. How about if I wanna do the same with a particular artist?

In principal one cannot delete Artists in one’s library.
However, if you delete all albums of that Artist (and also Albums where that Artist is referenced !!) , the Artist will disappear from your Library.

@Varun_Khanna @Andreas_Vlachakis1 As for the actual, old question in the thread title: To remove tracks from play time stats:

  1. Go to History in the side bar select the tracks (or multi-select for the whole album, etc)
  2. Click the Edit button top right.
  3. A little window with the History Editor will open where you can click Remove Plays from Your History. Doing so will also remove them from the play time stats. (If the selection is larger, it may take a bit of time)


This worked but too bad we can’t search in the History tab or can we?

I don’t think that’s possible :frowning: