Removing an artist from a song

Good morning,

I uploaded to the Roon database a song (no album, just artist and titletrack) of an artist called “Sabrina”.

Roon show correctly the name of this artist but downward there is another artist name which is “Sabrina Washington” that isn’t correct (see screenshot).

I try everything to delete that “Sabrina Washington” from editing the meta data on the song, but nothing, Roon insist to show that name.

How I can delete it?

Hey @RiseFall123 ,

We’re sorry you had difficulty with your file tagging in Roon. We’d be happy to help. Additionally, please use the template form when posting your metadata issues. This information helps us to maintain consistency and repurpose reports when we’re implementing system wide fixes of metadata displays.

You can edit the name of the Primary Artist in Roon with a few easy steps. Here’s how you do it:

  • Click the ellipsis button to the right of the play now and favorites buttons.
  • Click edit
  • Click edit album
  • Scroll down to Primary Artist Links
  • Click + Add Primary Artist
  • Begin typing Sabrina then click Create Artist below the list of names
  • Enter Sabrina in the box
  • Deselect Sabrina Washington
  • Click Save

That should do it!

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