Removing Essentials from Roon then Tidal

Hi Folks,
I am trying out Roon with my Tidal subscription.
I added a whole bunch of Albums via the “Jump Start Your Library” function (Essentials etc.). It PILED on hindreds of albums. Too many. So I deleted them all in Roon. Problem is, they are not deleted in Tidal. Now I have hundreds of unwanted albums in my Tidal library and I have to delete them ONE-AT-A-TIME! In know this is a problem with Tidal, but if Roon added them in Tidal, why didn’t Roon delete the albums from Tidal, too?

As you’ve discovered, deleting favorited Tidal tracks/albums from Roon only deletes these files from Roon, not Tidal. When Roon pulls tracks in from Tidal, it is pulling from your collection on Tidal, it’s a one way street. Anything you do with favorites on Tidal is reflected on Roon and not the other way around.

I don’t know if Tidal has a batch delete feature to delete these albums, but you might check their FAQ.

From the Roon Knowledge Base… FAQ: I added collections from Tidal, how do remove that content?.

In Roon, navigate to Tags and select the TIDAL collection. Then select all followed by the three vertical dots next to “n selected”. Click Edit and use the delete feature to delete all the albums. A word of caution: make sure you want to delete and that there are no local files in the collection. Take a backup before proceeding.

In my experience, deleting a TIDAL release (or unfavouriting it) removes from both Roon and TIDAL. I do it all the time because my daughter uses my TIDAL subscription and I often have unwanted albums added to Roon.

Martin, good advice (as usual) but curious about your warning. It seems sensical, but it got me wondering how local files would find their way into TIDAL. One would have to physically tag them as such (TIDAL: Classical, e.g), correct?

That’s what I was thinking … probably be over cautious, but I wouldn’t want to be responsible for any loss of media files.

yes, i backed off of encouraging a guy to build his own Rock for a similar reason.

Maybe I’m misunderstanding, but there’s no difference between the set of TIDAL content shown as part of your library in Roon, and the content TIDAL calls “My Collection” in their app.

When you add content to your library in Roon it’s added to your collection on TIDAL, whether you add the content while browsing around the app or via the Collections feature.

When you delete content from your library in Roon, it’s removed from your TIDAL collection, so the sync definitely goes both ways.

As for @Mark_Jeanes problem, something else must be going on here. Deleting the TIDAL Collections content should just be a couple clicks (as described in Carl’s link above). I am assuming you didn’t uninstall Roon or wipe the database (as that contains the tagged list of what was added, making it easy to remove).

You definitely shouldn’t have to delete content one album at a time Mark, so feel free to flag @support and we’ll make sure we get this resolved for you.

Also just to reiterate, people have found this feature confusing, and we’ll be removing TIDAL Collections from the “onboarding” setup screens soon.

I stand corrected. Thanks.

I still think it is a good idea, but perhaps it will be better understood in another context? The Roon-iverse is quite a massive concept to grasp on the first install.