Removing items from Roon library

Why Roon forces physically erase files from my disk, when I want only remove album from their database (not “hide” but “remove”). I have a feeling that Roon try raving around my disk :wink:

What is the logical rationale of this slightly preposterous principle?

Roon is neither only nor eternal - comes and goes; but files on my disk I want to leave right where they are, for catalog them and play in other applications. Do I expect too much?

To erase or not to erase has been debated endlessly, a forum search will find the discussions… as usual there are two camps those that want it and those that don’t.

To achieve what you want … move the files out of the Roon Watched folder and then click on library clean up.

I feel your pain, but I went the other way. When I started with roon (as I do with any new software that is going to be groping my beloved media), I made a copy of my music for roon to catalog. And since it is a copy, I don’t care as much what roon does with it.

This is all part of my multi-level “have copies of everything I care about everywhere” strategy to not losing my stuff.


You can’t have an album in one of Roon’s watched folders and have it completely ignored by Roon. Roon would have to know that it needs to ignore the album. Roon already provides that mechanism with the “Hide Album” option. How else would Roon know to ignore the album??

As far as erasing albums is concerned, I would prefer that Roon not erase albums at all. I much prefer deleting the album myself using the operating system of the Core.

Btw if you do delete an album with Roon, it leaves the album directory behind. So you have to go in and tidy that up later in the core OS.