Removing iTunes library

Hi, I’ve just changed my core from a Microsoft surface (No library)to my iMac. The problem is my iTujnes library has imported into Roon which I didn’t want - crappy quality. I use tidal MQA for my music. How do I get my iTunes library off Roon

Show a screenshot of Settings, storage.

Hi @Highlander72,

The iTunes library would have been added as a watched folder in Settings > Storage. You can remove any watched folders you no longer want here.

I’d also recommend that you make a backup before making any changes like this, just in case.

Many thanks Dylan

Hello @Highlander72, just checking in! Were you able to get things going? Let us know!

Hi, Could you advice me on the following please /

  • If my laptop or iMac goes into sleep mode, does this mean that the remote with iPhone won’t work as it doesn’t see the pc /iMac ?

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Hello @Highlander72, your core needs to be active in order to use Roon on your remote.