Removing old iTunes Playlists [Resolved]

I’m cleaning up my iTunes playlists, deleting old playlists, merging some into more useful playlists, etc. The new playlists I’ve created in iTunes are showing up in Roon, but the ones I’m deleting in iTunes are still showing up in Roon. How can I delete the old iTunes playlists (or better yet, have Roon delete them)? I’ve tried re-scanning the iTunes folder in Storage and running “Clean Up Library.”

Windows 10 Pro, 64bit
Roon 1.3 Build 204

iTunes Storage Path (& Location of iTunes Library.xml):
M:\Media\OneDrive\Music\iTunes Library
(M:\ is an internal HDD, not a network drive.)

Hi Andy,

It seems you are doing everything properly. iTunes playlists in Roon cannot be deleted from Roon, it has to be done in iTunes.

So, the only thing I can think of is that you Saved a Local Copy of the iTunes Playlist. So, there would have been two copies of the playlist. Deleting it in iTunes would have removed one, but the local copy would still be there. This is just a guess.

More info on playlists can be found here.

Cheers, Greg

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Yes! Your guess was correct. I went back to look at the iTunes folder, and there they were: two folders of old playlists!

Thanks so much for the quick (and correct!) response.


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Just a quick update: I moved the old playlists & backed up xml files from the iTunes folder, then rescanned and cleaned up library. However, that didn’t remove the old playlists. Here’s what I finally fixed it:

  1. Go into Storage and Edit the settings for the iTunes folder to turn off iTunes XML playlist importing.
  2. Save the setting and let it rescan.
  3. Turn iTunes XML playlist importing back on.
  4. Save the setting and let it rescan.
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when you say “Edit the setting for iTunes folder” - how do I do that ? When I right click on the folder, I do not get “Edit the setting” option ?