Removing Podcasts from Library

I am a new user - coming to the end of my free trial . I would very much like to sign up for lifetime membership but need these two issues resolved before i do .

  1. Can i please have some form of cohesive manual ? A Roon specific glossary and simple set up diagrams would really help .

  2. I have imported my iTunes Library to my core on my iMac . However, in the Roon library my podcasts are all mixed up with my albums. How do i separate the two ?

The User manual has been coming soon for a while.

Until then there is lots of information on the knowledge base.

A glossary is here

And the architecture is outlined here but I’m not aware of any simple setup diagrams.

Hi @douglas_bayley,

As @philr mentioned, we’ve been hard at work putting together a comprehensive Knowledge Base and User Guide. The links provided above are the start of that, and you can also find a more basic overview of Roon’s architecture here.

I just tried a similar setup and I can confirm I’m getting the same. We can look into adding additional flexibility here, but as a work-around for now, you can try this:

  1. View the tracks browser
  2. Sort by length
  3. Select the podcasts you don’t want to see in Roon (using right-click or long-press)
  4. Click Edit in the top-right
  5. Hide

I realize hiding the podcasts in Roon isn’t the most graceful solution here, but when watching an iTunes library we are importing the iTunes XML wholesale – if iTunes is telling us those podcasts are part of your iTunes library they’re going to show up in Roon.

If you’re not trying to import playlists you created in iTunes, I would recommend pointing Roon directly at your files, but if you need access to your iTunes playlists and library, unfortunately for now that is going to import your podcasts as well. I’m going to have a look and see if we can do better here. Thanks @douglas_bayley!

We last chatted several months ago about the possibility of having Roon not import my podcasts from my iTunes library automatically when updating my iTunes recent purchases. Have you managed to develop a specific fix for this ?

Also when do you plan to issue a pdf version of your knowledge base ?