Removing TIDAL account from Roon

Hi! Similar issue here. I decided to cancel Tidal and moved to Qobuz. Every time I open Roon, I get an error to connect to Tidal, which is expected, but I’d like to remove Tidal so Roon doesn’t even try to log in to Tidal and stop showing the error message.

When I go to Settings > Services, I have the option to log in or start a free trial. If I login, it takes me to a Tidal page to login and then I get a message saying that I successfully connected. When I get back to Roon, I still see the same, the only options are login or start trial.

I was looking at restarting my library from scratch, so I deleted my old library and restarted everything without issues, but I’m attaching screenshots in case it helps support for others experiencing the same.

Hi @Manu,

Thanks for the report! It does sound a bit strange behavior but glad to hear that starting with a fresh database resolved the issue on your end. If you have any further issues in the future feel free to reach out once more, thanks!

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