Removing Tidal Collections [Collections]

Hi @Ernst_Meijer,

There is no function that automatically adds Tidal Essentials / Collections to the Roon library beyond the initial setup stage and that’s only if that option was selected.

However, there is a function in Roon that will add Tidal favorited album/tracks.

Is it possible that some else might have do it using you account?

I recommend following this guide to remove them I added collections from Tidal, how do remove that content?.

Hi Carl,

Thx for the response. I’ve just posted a support request about a couple of issues I am having. This is one of them.
It seems to me there is a automatic addition going on.

There is no ‘someone else’ the tidal account is only created to test together with Roon. No one in this household even knows about Tidal. We use Spotify

I’ve tested this a couple of times and everytime i got the same result.

This is my library without a tidal connection:

Once i add Tidal:

This is what is happening:cry:

In Tidal I have no favorite artist and no genres checked

And there are NO tags

I can’t document my problem any more detailed than i have, I hope it is helpfull


Ernst Meijer


That’s interesting… I see you’re looking at at the artist browser.

Would it be possible to do a similar test but using the album browser?

The other thing to try is:
Logout from Tidal.
Goto settings–> library
And the select clean up library.
Do it list any album to remove?
The execute a clean up.

Hi Carl,

I logout, cleaned the library ( i showed my 5000+ songs from a previous install…) and logged back in again,
the whole lot of tidal albums are still showing up.

But i do remember something. The very very first time I installed Roon I did select some genres in Tidal, not knowing what it would do, my guess was it was used for suggestions:)
Could it be that, eventough I uninstalled Roon alot of times, this setting is stored somewhere in your backend database?
Feels a bit like that, since reinstalling does not affect it what so ever.

Hi Ernst,

If you add a Collection from Tidal, it will add a collection of Albums. The fact that you’re seeing the artist is a result of an album being added. For example, if I don’t have any 2Pac albums in my collection and I add one of his albums, the album will show and the artist will be found in the Artist Browser.

The collection will create a Tag that will be visible in the Tags Browser. Also, as @Carl mentioned, you can go to the Albums Browser and focus on the Tag there.

Can you go into the Tags Browser and post a screenshot of what you see?

Cheers, Greg

[quote=“Ernst_Meijer, post:23, topic:7234”]
But I do remember something. The very very first time I installed Roon I did select some genres in Tidal, not knowing what it would do, my guess was it was used for suggestions :slight_smile:
[/quote]That’s it … by selecting genres Roon primed your library with a selection of Tidal albums.

[quote=“Ernst_Meijer, post:23, topic:7234”]
Could it be that, even though I uninstalled Roon a lot of times, this setting is stored somewhere in your backend database? Feels a bit like that, since reinstalling does not affect it what so ever.
[/quote]Roon creates a database on your PC, uninstalling the Roon application does not remove the database.
Thus when Roon is reinstalled it picks up right where it left off.

The database has to be removed manually, the Roon Knowedge Base describes how … it’s well worth a read … check it out.

When uninstalling, I did check the option database&settings…

This all makes sense – any TIDAL content you add to your library in Roon get synced to your TIDAL account, and vice versa.

Yup, this is the problem.

That makes this easy. Go to the Tracks browser, click Focus > Format > TIDAL

Now you should be looking at all the TIDAL content that was added – you haven’t added anything else right?

Select all, then Edit > Delete.

That should do it. Sorry for the trouble :grin:

Well, that did the trick :custard:
Thx guys, great support! (on to my next support request then :slight_smile:

But on a serious note. I have read multiple complaints about this behaviour and it is not commenly known.
My guess is that all people complaining about Tidal artist being auto added did exactly the same thing I did,
add a couple of genres not knowing the impact. it might be a good idea to add the ‘Tidal cleanup’ as an uninstall option.
I was under the impression deleting database & setting would take care of that,

Anyway thx guys!

Hi Greg,

There were no tags at all, pls see the screenshot i posted earlier. The solution was just posted by @mike!

Hi Ernst,

I thought that screenshot was the Artist Browser and you selecting the Tags. I didn’t expect you to find any there.

What I was suggesting was the Tags Browser. See my screenshot.

The Tags may still be there, but may be empty.

Regardless, glad you got it sorted.

Cheers, Greg

See what you mean. It’s empty now as it should be

I followed the instructions but I seem to have removed Tidal (which I didn’t want in my library) and all my stored music - hundreds of albums!

Hi Robert,

Oh dear, does not sound good.
The missing albums are they from local audio files or from Tidal? If local, can you check if they are still on your hard disk.

Can you briefly but accurately describe each step you performed to remove the Tidal collections.
(I’m trying to establish any deviation).

Can you check in Roon’s Setting --> Services that you Tidal account is active.

Also can post screen shots of Roon’s Settings --> Storage.

Hi Carl
Thanks for the quick response.
My audio files were from CD rips and Qobus/HDTracks downloads, located on an AudioStore unit with SSD and 3Tb drive, which is connected to my hifi by USB. I control this from my iPad Pro in the lounge and access them from my iMac / Meridian Explorer2 in my study.
I right clicked on a Tidal album in Roon, then hit ctrl+a, which seemed to highlight the Tidal albums. I then went to Edit in Roon and scrolled down to delete albums. I thought this would just delete the Tidal albums but as soon as I did this, I was worried due to heavy hard drive activity! All my stored music seem to have gone.
Yes, Tidal is active.
I’m away from the system at the moment but the Roon settings show the file path to my AudioStore.
Luckily, they are backed up on my NAS but all my recent changes are gone.
Kind regards

I think I know what happened here.

Without using focus to first filter on just the Tidal albums… pressing ctrl+a would have selected all the albums in your library.

Then clicking on delete selected albums would have then removed them from your library and the file system.

I’m so pleased you have a backup.

I just set up roon for the first time and ran into an issue with roon adding hundreds of albums into my own library. During the set up process it asked what my music interests were, then when I added my Tidal account it took all the ‘interests’ and added all albums in Tidal under those genres and added them to my library.

Now unless i’m mistaken the fastest way to remove all of these albums from my library is to go through all my albums one by one in tidal (because deleting all the albums from roon takes around 3-4 sub menus) and then re-syncing.

Surely this is a unintended behaviour that needs to be fixed?

Use Focus within the Album browser:

  1. Use the Focus Format button and check “Tidal”, and then
  2. Click twice on the list of albums to close down the Focus dialogues; you’re then left with the display of just the Tidal albums. Right-click on the first album, then hold shift while right-clicking on the last; that selects all the albums (this is using the standard key shortcuts on Windows). Alternatively, select all the albums at once by just using Ctrl-A (also a standard Windows shortcut).
  3. Click the Edit button - top right of the Roon window.
  4. At the bottom of the Album Options tab in the Album editor is the Delete Albums button. This will remove the Tidal albums from your library.


During setup Roon asks if you want it to add genre collections from Tidal to your library.

This section I added collections from Tidal, how do remove that content? in the Roon Knowledge Base describes how to remove them.

One question. Ist IT possible that when connecting Roon with tidal there are dozens of Albums added to the Album favourites of tidal? How can i get rid of that?