Removing unused zones from audio section

I have, and use, multiple audio zones in my settings. But many other options sit there. I would like an additional action choice. In addition to Enable and Disable, an option called Hide would make the section much cleaner. A second tap on the Hide choice would bring the option back should I care to use it.


Good idea.

I quite like this idea, to be able to clean up what is presented…

I don’t think that would work as once the device was hidden it would no long be visiable.
However, there could be a “show all” icon towards the top of the screen, that would then redisplay the hiden devices once more.

Alternatively, maybe each device could be favorited (heart icon), and then again toplevel filter icon that toggles between “show favorites” / “show all”.

If you have set up the zones that you use, why do you go back to the Audio section?
The only reason I can think of is to add new zones.
So it would be useful to see the u used ones.
What else?

It would just lead to more support calls when people had forgotten they’d hidden them.


Honestly, this is better-handled by the endpoint, than as some obscure preference of Roon Core. On otherwise identical RPi’s, Volumio advertises

whereas moOde advertises

If the endpoint advertises an audio output interface, Roon ought to let you select it.

This is something you configure once and then forget about. There’s no good reason to hide interfaces that you’ll never look at again. And if, years from now, you need to revisit these decisions, there’s no reason you should have to remember to unhide those interfaces.

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Not with the last Roon update it deleted all my Roon bridge devices for no reason and I had to add them again.

I shudder to think how the code which would be required to implement this feature request would have interacted with the bug that you (and many other Roon users, including me) encountered.

I was thinking that. Confusion reigns.