Rename roon nucleus after reinstall

Hi there,

after the internal m2 SSD collapsed, I had to replace it and reinstall roon rock software.
Now the nucleus appears as rock. I’d like it to be as it was, nucleus with the outline logo.
Any ideas?

Screenshot 2024-07-07 at 20.00.16

Screenshot 2024-07-07 at 20.03.08

I missed this in my previous post. In this case, Roon staff will have to flip a switch to enable Nucleus temperature control functionality. (It’s not just a name and logo change)

Still, I moved it to Nucleus Support for the support staff to see and do this.

Leave the Nucleus turned on for this to happen. You can use it in the meantime but don’t run it under a lot of stress.

Interesting, I haven’t been told this while trying to re-install it, thank you!
Actually I might have as I have logged into the tidal and qobuz accounts and reconnected the internal music file SSD.
Do you know if its also possible to use a backup file to restore it incl. the temp. control?

You can (and probably should) restore your Roon backup (if you have one) to get your old database back, but enabling temperature control will require the Roon staff.

Probably got overlooked among all the USB imaging and BIOS complications :slight_smile:

Will do. Yeah probably :wink:

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@support has been sent a message about needing to convert a Nucleus from a ROCK to a Nucleus. They should be contacting you @D.L as they work through their support queue.

Thanks for the tag @Robert_F! @D.L please keep your Nucleus online and connected to the network while our team starts the OS flashing process.

I’ll follow up once complete. Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:


Great, thank you!

Apologies for the delay @D.L you are all set!

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