Rename Storage Drive Connected to Rock

A bit off-topic. My Rock has a USB drive attached that has an incredibly long name. I thought I named it MusicDrive; instead I got this:

I tried changing it with MacOS but the changes didn’t “stick”: only lasted to the next reboot. (Guessing)

So I guess I need to open up Linux. Can anyone guide a total novice to ShortNameLand, please? Thx

I think this is not possible. It annoyed me also a little bit, even more now in the versions tab. But no real big issue as far as I am concerned.

Roon is teaching me to leave my OCD_computer_clean_I_control_everything behind :grinning:

If I could make that folder readonly, I would.

Anyway, you should not do that, and no, there is no way to change that path. The lengthy name is not really meant to be used/seen much and it serves a very important purpose for disk mounting in Roon.

This prompted a question: what are best practices for accessing (and possibly writing/updating) Roon Storage data with third party taggers and such?

That data is not held with your music files is it? Best practice would be to check your work and if happy create a database backup at regular intervals so a balls up doesn’t lose too much work.

Music file tags are written and updated on the files, with tagging apps.

Roon, OTHO, make all edits to a separate DB.

So, I am watching and occasionally playing a track in Roon while I am editing its tags in YATE. Seems to work fine since Roon is mostly Read Only except for deletes.

But, I could be just plain reckless, hence my question.

Understood Danny, but it makes this kinda useless (and ugly):

Why is the path even there? If I for one reason or another need to see where the files reside, I have this:

It even shows the path much nicer. Anyway something for feature requests I guess

Roon says that they cannot or should not be named.

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we are fixing this in a future update

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Hi, just wondering if this was ever addressed. The issue I am finding is that I am using an external program (folderclone) to backup this drive, and because of the extremely long disk name I have to shorten some of the file names to get it to copy.