Renaming the "Catalog #" field, only on albums that have it

Hello guys. I am not sure if I am posting on the correct section of the forums, but here is the issue:

I started using Roon, but I am facing an issue.
So far, all my ripped CDs have been using the tag Catalog #.
As I understand, Roon uses the tag CATALOGNUMBER. So, I will need to replace the tag name.

The way to make the above conversion massively (10.000 songs) is with MP3Tag. BUT, there are a few albums on my collection that don’t have a catalog number field. This means that when I try to rename the field, it gets deleted from everywhere because some albums don’t have it.
So, the way to proceed, is to have something like an action that contains a condition.

It should be: Rename Catalog # to CATALOGNUMBER if the field exists on the specific file. If not, do nothing.

Any ideas on how to do this?
Thanks in advance.

I would try to copy the value from the existing catalog field (the one you use) to a new catalog field (used by Roon) using a “format value” action in mp3tag, when done you can delete the old one.

I use “Catalogue #” in mp3tag as well . But as far as I can see roon is interpreting this as LABELNO which I have always assumed it can use to match its metadata. Often I have BARCODE as well and maybe roon is ignoring Catalogue # and I never realised. Can @support confirm how roon will handle the local tag “Catalogue #”?

Edit: I have just realised I am using the UK form “Catalogue” rather than the US form “Catalog”. Does roon handle the cases differently?

Its easy in JRiver

Set up a view with a Rule [Catalog #] is not Empty
Create a Custom Tag CATALOGNUMBER
Then Move/Copy tool to move Catalog # to CATALOGNUMBER

In fact all you need to do is step 2 & 3

Far be it for me to suggest a 30 day demo of JRiver to do just this

JRiver is by far the most versatile Tag Editor in my Toolbox

There are If Then functions in mp3tag.

It is not clear to me that you need to do anything at all. If you go to one of your albums in roon that you know to have a “Catalog #” tag, check to see if roon has made a LABELNO tag:

album → (any track) → three dots → View file info → File tags

You may have to scroll down but do you see something like this?

Thanks guys for all your answers… All your suggestions could be selected as a solutions though and I really appreciate this.

This is what I did in mp3tag and it worked.

Cheers to you all and this awesome community!


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