Renaming tracks that are ripped by Roon Nucleus One

I just got my own Nucleus One and it is superb.

I did the auto CD ripping and it’s super convenient.

It wrongly identified some CD compilations and some it could not identify.

How do I go about renaming the album name or the track name?

Thank you.

First, try to manually identify the album by clicking on Unidentified:

Then click Identify album:

Maybe it lists something that you can pick. If not, you can try if search turns something up.

If nothing helps, the album will remain “unidentified” but you can still enter the album title, track names, credits, etc., manually in Roon like this:

Thank you so much for the detailed reply. I do have some alternate language albums which it identified in the main Indian language. But that album does not have an identify button so I am unable to make any changes. Thank you.

I don’t understand. Which button does it not have?