Reorder multiple tracks at once in playlists/queue

although I can right click and select a group of tracks from a play queue or playlist I don’t seem to be able to move them as a block, only one track at a time? Or am I missing something?


Unfortunately, this isn’t possible right now. I’m going to rename this thread and move it to feature requests, as we could possibly add this in a future release.

Thanks for the question!

After 2 years is there now a way to reorder multiple tracks at the same time? Moving tracks one by one, especially in a large playlist, is a bit ridiculous. I sure hope this has been addressed and I just can’t figure it out.

This is simple cut/paste behavior.

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it is no fun at the moment to move a whole album in your queue

This is basically the only thing I really hate about Roon’s queue. I would think this would be basic functionality for any kind of queue/list.

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I don’t know if playlists are used by a large number of subscribers but I curate and enjoy them a great deal, primarily with non-streaming files.

For example, I just created a playlist with 200+ tracks but need to move 9 tracks as a group up about 70 places.

it is 2019 and I see that you can sort playlists by a number of settings (including Added date & Time, which would give a chronological added listing). But if I have a custom order and I accidentally sort by one of the headings (track length for example) how can I get back to the manually sorted order? Could I have a “sort by Tag” filed and then use tags to set my custom sort?

I am in the same situation. I love making playlists, and I now need to move multiple tracks as a group in playlists with 100’s of songs. Doing each track individually is crazy. You can even do that in itunes. Will roon ever look to fix this issue?

This is also a huge PITA when importing CDs from boxed sets. I want to be able to shift the whole list down so that it starts at the proper place. Manually moving each track for one disc took over a half hour.

Found this thread while searching how to move multiple Playlist tracks (a block of tracks etc.) as opposed to 1 (one) track at a time. This ability has obviously been available for years with PC’s and other music players. Thus, I assumed that I was missing how to move multiple Playlist tracks within Roon and discovered that apparently this isn’t possible. If true, why hasn’t this – cut & paste/select several tracks & drag them – functionality been implemented? I understand that an effort is never too difficult for the person that doesn’t have to do it. But come on Roon developers, isn’t it about time to implement this feature!?!

While trying to use Roon’s archaic and glacial paced method of moving files (dragging each slowly; 1 at a time) within a Playlist, I found that the “drag handle” ONLY appears when files are sorted by the (Track) # column.

Unfortunately, I spent far too long Right & Left: fast clicking/long press clicking/Caps lock holding/Ctrl Key holding etc…on the various files in the other columns, trying to get to the “drag handle” to appear, thinking that the handle was only visible when performing that sort of function.

That is, I didn’t recall that the “drag handle” is present without performing any sort of user function. It is automatically visible within a Playlist as long as files are ONLY sorted by Track.

Perhaps this post may help someone else in a similar position.

In fact, the files I was trying to move was at the bottom of a 757 file list. Thus, because it would take minutes to move, I was attempting to sort the list, so it would be at a higher point in the list. This placed me in the other columns sans the “drag handle”…

Just thought I would note it here, in case anyone else happens into what I discovered and also to mention that the “drag handle” (3-bar icon) was the official term used to identify the following: Roon%20File%20Drag%20Handle )

+1 (reviving this topic again)

Seems a little counter-intuitive that I can right-click and multi-select, but then not move the selection as a whole.

+1 from me too
New to Roon and doing the trial. Loving most things about it but lack of good play queue management is a show-stopper for me - I make heavy use of the queue and playlists (I guess I DJ to myself, with whatever’s next queued up long in advance…)