Reorder multiple tracks at once in playlists/queue

(Geoff Dedman) #1

although I can right click and select a group of tracks from a play queue or playlist I don’t seem to be able to move them as a block, only one track at a time? Or am I missing something?

(Mike) #2

Unfortunately, this isn’t possible right now. I’m going to rename this thread and move it to feature requests, as we could possibly add this in a future release.

Thanks for the question!


After 2 years is there now a way to reorder multiple tracks at the same time? Moving tracks one by one, especially in a large playlist, is a bit ridiculous. I sure hope this has been addressed and I just can’t figure it out.

This is simple cut/paste behavior.

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it is no fun at the moment to move a whole album in your queue

(Jason Charrier) #5

This is basically the only thing I really hate about Roon’s queue. I would think this would be basic functionality for any kind of queue/list.

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(Staatskapelle) #6


I don’t know if playlists are used by a large number of subscribers but I curate and enjoy them a great deal, primarily with non-streaming files.

For example, I just created a playlist with 200+ tracks but need to move 9 tracks as a group up about 70 places.

(Mark Dargan) #7

it is 2019 and I see that you can sort playlists by a number of settings (including Added date & Time, which would give a chronological added listing). But if I have a custom order and I accidentally sort by one of the headings (track length for example) how can I get back to the manually sorted order? Could I have a “sort by Tag” filed and then use tags to set my custom sort?