Reorganizing Artist Folders


I am taking Roon for a trial run. Without having researched the impact of “Organized Folders” before implementing the option, I enabled that option (along with “Watched Folders”) out of the gate. While Roon did an overall good job, it separated some artist files that should have remained together - particularly separate a primary artist from her own work and then her work with another band (e.g. Alison Krauss separated from Alison Krauss & Union Station). My preference is that they all go under one - Alison Krauss, in this example.

How can I do that? (I have since disabled "Organized Folders.)



If you are now only using a Roon Watched folder to monitor your files, then you can just move the folders / files back to the way you wanted them.

If you are moving several folders/files around I would do it with Roon not running, then just start Roon up and it will scan and find the new location of the files.

However, this is only affecting the physical location of the files. It does not affect Roon’s display of the albums and after re-reading your post I think this may be what you’re looking for.

I know Roon is working on artist equivalences and also the next major release of Roon is focusing on improved metadata editing … it may be you have to wait for Roon v1.3.

Hi Carl,

It seems that Roon did not alter the physical location of any of the files on my NAS (thankfully).

The main issue is the way Roon has displayed the artists.

As noted, I would like to not have the artist in three separate sections - despite her heading other groups (all have her name as the less anyway. Same for a handful of other artists.

Thanks for your assistance. Welcome any more thoughts you may have on how to resolve this.


On my system in the artists browse I have:

  • Alison Krauss (13 albums)
  • Alison Krauss & the Cox Family (1 album)
  • Alison Krauss & Union Station (10 albums)

When I look in the Alison Krauss section, I can see the albums from the other to bands as well.

Take this album, Roon list the artist as:

  • Alison Krauss & Union Station
  • Alison Krauss
    So it appears in both artists sections.

Do you see same? Does this not give you want you want?

Hi Carl,

I would like to how all of those albums could be grouped into one artist display folder.

Thanks for your efforts.


Are all those albums not already listed under Alison Krauss, so you can see them all together?
(This is what I see on my system.)

If you are seeing all the album then I’m struggling to understand what Roon is not doing for you.

That aside, there are some options to override Roon, and edit what metadata source is used for each album. As detailed below:

Perhaps I need to toy with the metadata options. Alison Krauss is ok…although separate folders, one folder shows all of hers. My problem child is the artist Anneke van Giersbergen. She has her own folder, then another one as Aqua di Annique, and then one more separate. She is the front person for them all…yet they don’t link together in one display folder.

I have been completely unable to find a way to force Roon to recognise two albums by the same artist as being by the same artist! It sees both albums, but shows them as being by two different artists that have the same name. I have checked every nuance of the naming and spelling, and edited every metadata field that I can find, but Roon still insists that I have two artists called “The Dolly Rocker Movement” with one album each. Infuriating!

That is exactly my problem as well. Lining up key metadata, such as artist name, should override any pre-formatted scheme.