Repairing Playlists?

Core release 1.8 build 795 running on SSD USB storage on Synology 918+ NAS. Library is on aforementioned NAS hard drives.
I work with my music files on a different device and use a program to synchronize the files by data analysis to update the ROON library. That’s the history part.

I discovered a couple of days ago that ROON was playing all of my music from files located in the recycle bin in the share folder on the NAS containing my library. Probably moved there during a synchronization.

I moved all the music off of the server and onto my local HDD temporally, emptied the recycle bin, disabled it, cleaned up my library from the ROON console.
I made sure my library was intact and correct with all the current music. Everything was in order, so I copied back to the same server share location. This brings us to today’s situation.

All of my playlist names and track names remained intact throughout this entire process but now that the music files have been restored the file locations have been lost even though they are in the exact same directory. So it’s clear to me that ROON is incorrect in its error, and it is not a path issue but instead an issue with some hook or tag ROON has added to the file to locate it and I can’t find a magic fix it button like other players have to search the library and locate the missing files that it has lost.

Has anyone else experianced this or have any insight other than to manually rebuild all of my playlists?

Moved to support.

Another thought, still doesn’t help me though.
I exported one of the playlists in question before I cleared and reloaded my library. I have looked at the roonjournal file it created, and it has a string of characters like what looks like tag information preceding the artist, album, track and track name.
No readable path information. I can’t read tag info, so this jumble of characters may include roon’s pointer to the file location which would probably be pointing it to the recycle bin that has been emptied and disabled.

I did locate two drop down menu items to search the library or locate the track (or something similar) but neither one worked for me. The tracks are in the library, but roon can’t find them.

Still an issue for me.