Repeat and Shuffle randomly get enabled

Roon Core Machine

Windows 11, Ryzen 9 5900X, ROG Strix X570-F Gaming MB, 32gb DDR4, Asus RTX 3080,
Roon 1.8 (913)

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Ethernet in use, Fritzbox 7590

Connected Audio Devices

Naim Uniti Atom ( - same wired network

Number of Tracks in Library

tracks - 5343 (only 115 local files) - rest are tracks on Qobuz Library.

Description of Issue

Repeat and Shuffle randomly get enabled when listening to music.

I feel it happens when I click ‘Play Now’ from album sometimes, more noticeable when I ‘Play Now’ from a specific track.

I originally thought my laptop’s roon remote or even my android phone remote was the cause, but I’ve since stopped using those to eliminate those as a possible cause. Wondering if my changing source from roon to TV (and then resuming music in roon) can sometimes cause it? I don’t know of any buttons on my Naim remote that can enable shuffle/repeat.

I’m not sure how/why it occurs, but I find myself constantly having to disable it. I couldn’t find any keyboard shortcuts that might be causing it by accident.

Am… I going mad? Is my dog changing settings on me when I’m not looking? He is crafty.

Definitely the dog.


Ok, even with just pressing play on roon (to resume my last music session) - I spotted repeat turn on. This was after I watched a little TV on the Naim and restarted my computer (and roon).

My song was in a paused state,


I hit play, and repeat popped on.

I can’t seem to reproduce this all the time though.


And for absolutely no understandable reason, halfway through playing this album, roon has gone into Repeat x1.

Please why is this happening to me, this feels like the biggest troll. :sweat_smile:

For sure very strange.

Don’t eliminate the dog from the root cause yet. They can be right crafty.

I don’t have any experience with the Naim Unity Atom, none I know have it.

Is there a possibility there is a setting, hidden deeply, discoverable only by complete accident, in a location you would never consider looking in, that is set for random playback or shuffle etc?

There isn’t a shuffle or repeat button on the atom remote so it’s not that.

What about on the device itself?

No nothing on it either.

Is it possible for a Bluetooth device like a mouse with a sticky switch, be sending a signal and this happens to be interpreted as a click on the shuffle button?

Not sure I am asking that clear enough, forgive me.

I also meant to say it’s nice to see you take the issue on with good humour rather than the outrage many seem to default to.

Keep an eye on the dog.


Hey @Darren_Nolan,

We’ve gotten some reports of this happening from customers with dog, what breed is it? :rofl:

Sorry I couldn’t resist. Seriously though, I’m wondering if this seems to happen more frequently on a given remote than others. We haven’t gotten many reports of phantasmagoric shuffle and repeat behavior so I’m wondering if we have wonky activity on a particular remote.

As a test, go to Settings>Play Actions> and temporarily disable shuffle anywhere that you’re using it. Then see if this continues to occur. Please let us know if it continues after that. Thanks!

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Well, originally I thought it was my mac remote but I’ve had it disabled for a while. Thought it may have been android remote, but same story I stopped using that, and started seeing this behaviour on the core PC.

Shuffle on the play actions have never been enabled (I’m sure i disabled them long ago, checked and they’re all still disabled already)

Touch wood it hasn’t happened in a week or so, so maybe we do need to chalk it up to Ralph being mischievous…

If the specs help, the dog is Bull Mastiff cross (crossed with we’re not sure, surely something with some technical skills), 3 years old but we’ve only been together for just over a year.


That’s definitely a “has he left the PC unlocked again?” look.



the dog is definitely guilty mate.

Ralph has the look of someone who knows how to troll.

Beautiful dog btw.

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Doesn’t matter what size they are, they are all at it. It’s a conspiracy…my daughter’s dog is in on it


Literally on it! Dog create a playlist let yet?

She’s more of a spotify pup

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