Repeated clicks [Solved]

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My membership is about to start tomorrow and I’m glad.

I’m just having issues I don’t know how to fix : while playing some albums on my system output (which is the Macbook Pro I describe below), I hear loud and repeated clicks that goes on for few seconds even if I stop the track. Rebooting, re-scanning or re-analyzing the album doesn’t change a thing.

If I play the same file through another output (let’s say via airplay) or even through another software like Audirvana, I don’t hear any click. My file isn’t corrupted.

The system output I use with my headphones, which is also my Roon Core, is a Macbook Pro i5 2,8Ghz, 8Go DDR3 RAM and 512 Go SSD.

How can I fix this click problem ?
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Choose Built-In Output instead of System Output and make sure Exclusive Mode is enabled.

Works fine now !
Thank you very much for the quick answer.

How can we explain I didn’t encounter this problem with the vast majority of my albums ?

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It’s a Core Audio bug with 48kHz files. 44.1kHz plays fine. Avoiding the OS Mixer (which you just did by giving Roon exclusive access to your sound card) avoids this.

Perfectly clear ! Thanks Rene.
I guess this bug will be fixed with further updates.
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It’s a Core Audio (Apple) bug, not a Roon bug, so Roon updates can’t fix it.

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