Repeated problems with backups

Roon Core Machine

Rock NUC

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Amplii H
Network Switch

Connected Audio Devices

Ropieee x 2

Number of Tracks in Library

13469 tracks

Description of Issue

I now cannot create a backup either manually or automatically.

Been running fine until 1.8. Now I get an automatic backup failure report.

When I try to run a manual backup, I get there was an issue loading your database, forcing me to restore last backup from 9th Dec.

Then I have to rebuild the databse due to a new version has been installed.

Once the backup has been restored then rebuilt it is ok, until it either trys to run an automatic backup and fails or I try to run a manual one. Then I get the same error ^^ (rinse and repeat)…

I have reinstalled the OS as well and bug still exists.

So I removed and started a fresh with new database/settings

All working fine

I know come to login and says can’t log me in

Then I restart Roon Rock and now it says can’t load my database

Please can someone from support respond ?

Hey @Richard_Carter, can you try rebooting your router and switch? Also, can you recall anything that changed about your network recently?

This happened after I restarted the switch and router trying to fix repeated database problems.

After posting this I shortly got the can’t access database errors again! (previous support post about this as well)

I have now reinstalled, refreshed database/settings, re-added codeds and re-indexed music collection.

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