Repeated tracks in Radio

I am noticing recently that after concluding the album(s) I am listening to, the Radio repeats the exact same track in direct sequence, back to back. Some of these tracks are contained in duplicate albums where I have both high res and standard CD versions. Am I missing a setting? It’s a curious glitch that has appeared for me in the last week or so…Anyone else seeing this?

Not a big deal since I can always skip the repeat track…

Yes the radio selections are nowhere near random or diverse enough imho

I don’t have the specific problem of the same exact track repeating when using the radio function. That said, I agree that the radio selections should be much more diverse. In my experience, radio usually chooses from about four artists based on the original selected material. That’s fine for choosing my next four songs, but if I want to keep listening to radio, I’d rather have more artists thrown into the mix. Is there any way to build in some level of choice for this feature? Perhaps a setting that allows users to toggle how diverse their radio function is?

Ok, noticed the same today. Over the course of 2-3 hours 4-5 tracks got repeated. To me they sounded exactly the same, so not accidentaly the same track but on a different album. Could not check since I was up on ladders painting during that time.

Hi Rob,

Go to History to check the tracks played.

Cheers, Greg

Ha great did not think of that. Checked the history and I see several tracks twice. Noticed something weird though. The tracks that were duplicates are all from the same album, but spread out over several hours. Roon must love Ryan Adams, Heartbreaker.

This has been discussed many time on this forum.

The radio function is on Roon’s roadmap for overall. I can’t find the thread to refer you too but I’m pretty sure that what has been said is that it will come sometime after 1.3. (Which I think will be a few weeks yet). The reason is that Roon need to work on the underlying metadata first which is coming in 1.3 and then they will work on the Radio function.

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Great! It’s a rare thing these days to see a company continually work on improving their product based on user feedback. Very gratifying.