Replace ROCK Internal 1Tb SSD with 2Tb SSD [Method confirmation]

Hi, hope everyone is safe & well…
I have an Intel NUC8I5BEH with ROCK installed on internal M2 and a 1Tb SSD with lots of music. I have also plugged in an external USB 1Tb HD with more music.
I just bought a new 2Tb SSD that I want to use as a replacement for the 1Tb SSD.
Having looked on forum & KB, I think that what I have to do is

  1. copy all of the music from the Internal 1Tb over network share to a local drive on my computer
  2. replace the 1Tb with 2Tb SSD
  3. ‘format’ 2Tb SSD from Roon ROCK web page
  4. copy everything from (1) back on to new drive
  5. copy everything from the other external 1Tb HD on to new internal SSD over network

I just wanted to see if there was anything I had missed or also needed to do (I have regular ‘Roon Database Backups’ scheduled, but as I’m not replacing the M2 drive, I don’t think I ned to do this??)

[I wish there was am easy ‘migration’ tool to allow you to plug ‘replacement’ drive in via USB to NUC, do migration, then just swap it back in :wink: (Roon guys??) ]


That should do it. If you want to skip step 1, you can attach the internal SSD to a USB-adapter and copy, which would make it an external SSD.

That probably won’t work.

I don’t believe an external USB drive can be formatted via the ROCK web page.

An internal drive must be formatted via the ROCK web page.

I might try that (I wasn’t sure if the formatting of the internal drives was readable if they were removed, but worth a try :wink: )

I get that.
If internal drive is recognised externally, it will mean I only have to copy back on to new, internally formatted, drive from the old 1Tb SDD, cutting out lots of copying :wink:
Will update this thread later…

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You probably know this but:

  1. Stop the RoonServer software via ROCK GUI when you are moving large amounts of music.
  2. Roon may initially want to see the music that was on the USB drive if you leave it connected. Not sure about that, but you may want to temporarily disable that drive while Roon rescans the completely newly populated 2TB drive.
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OK, that might work.

What won’t work is connecting new drive externally for the copy and then reconnecting internally.

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That’s right. I tried that, it definitely did not work. But that is step 3, not step 1 on the list :slight_smile:

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So, I took the 1Tb SSD out and connected it (in a drive case) to my Mac and it popped up as an ‘extFS 4’ formatted drive, so I could then see all my music on it :+1:
I am currently waiting for Amazon to deliver the new drive, which I will then put in ROCK and use GUI to ‘format’ it.
Do you guys (@xxx , @Rohangis_Mohseni) think I can then take the formatted 2Tb SSD out, also connect to my Mac with the 1Tb SSD and then just copy from 1Tb to 2Tb and then put the ‘full’ 2Tb back in the NUC and fire up Roon and it will then re-scan drive & I will be up??

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I don’t know, but I would just try it right now by copying a single file to the 1TB drive, reattach it to ROCK and see if it works. If it does, it would save an enormous amount of time. I synchronize the files to ROCK via the shared folder, and it’s probably the slowest possibility. For adding an album, it’s OK, but for adding my collection of around 1k albums, it took me nearly a day.


Whatever your results are, you should post them for others’ edifications.

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I will try what I’ve suggested when new drive arrives (in next 2-5 hours :wink: ) and post back my results (hopefully success, as it really would save a massive amount of time…)

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No, All newly installed hard drives in a ROCK require ROCK to format them before use.

Ok, I have received my new 2Tb SDD.
I put it on my ROCK NUC, then formatted it with Web GUI.
I then took it out and connected it to my Mac along with the 1Tb SSD and copied everything over from old drive to new drive.
I just now put it back in to NUC & started it up & Roon seems to be happy with it :wink:
All my music, except for what was on the external USB HD is there, so it seems to have worked :+1:
@Rugby, correct. I did that step before then taking new drive back out of NUC & then doing a local copy on my Mac of all music before putting it back.
I will update my list of steps for other users shortly.
(I am now copying the stuff from my external USB HD over network share so Roon rebuilds it’s database with new file locations)


:+1:. Good to know.

Before I re-list the new steps, I have had some strange issues where certain tracks/albums seem to have been ‘corrupted’ in that the last 10-20 seconds of the track don’t play, Roon just jumps to the next track.
I only realised this as it happened on one of my favourite tracks the I chose to listen to after ‘migration’.
I am going to have a listen to more today (having finished adding other music over network share and letting Roon do it’s analysis overnight)
It might be my fault, as one of the drives seemed to disconnect during first transfer on my Mac (1Tb SSD -> 2Tb SSD), even though I then copied stuff in smaller chunks all over again…).
But, overall, I think it worked :wink:

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I don’t think that the files are “corrupted” in the way you describe. They are files, not streaming media. Therefore, it’s binary: Either the file can be played or it can’t. I rather suspect that your ROCK is maybe having issues with scanning the files and playing them back at the same time. There is another thread where somebody is having a similar issue although his server that runs ROCK is more than capable of doing multiple things at the same time.

And thanks again for the testing! It won’t help me as my files are already on my NUC, but it will probably help others setting up the ROCK core.

So, I’m not sure what the problem was (probably something to do with drive ‘disconnect’), but having copied over the ‘corrupt’ albums (over network share) from old drive to ROCK, they are all fine now :wink:
I will keep the old drive for a while before wiping until I am sure everything is ok from 1st copy.
(will redo steps later, need to do some work now :wink: )

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I guess you copied over all files from the old hd to the new hd, right? So not only the internal storage with the music files.

Will roon keep track of favourites, radio stations, edited metadata, play count etc.? Did you need to use roons backup-functions in any stage?

Hi @sailorck ,
I did copy all my music from old disk to new disk, but you must use the Roon backup/restore to keep all the other bits of data you mention.

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