Replaced NUC8 Core with new NUC10 and now cannot connect to NUC10 core

Core Machine
NUC10i7FNH1, Win10Pro, 16gb RAM (2x8), 512gb Intel SSD m.2). Purchased new already configured.

Network Details
NUC10 ethernet cabled to 8-port Netgear Gigabit Ethernet Unmanaged switch #GS308, connected to Sonic Fiber 1Gigabit modem .

Audio Devices
Tidal, PS Audio Bridge II, BlueSound, Bel Canto

Library Size

Description of Issue

Installed ROCK on NUC10i7FNH1 is not recognized by Roon Remote on ipad or android mssg “Waiting for remote Core…”
*** NUC10 core replaced NUC8 that failed after 8 months working flawlessly.
Exact same network and connectivity environment, no changes from 8 months ago.
*** As orig NUC8 Rock died and I am licensed for one Core, does Roon Labs need to release my original sign on on NUC8 so I can use NUC10?

Rock unit shows on Windows wired PC and on wifi laptop under Network. Copied Codecs file to Rock Core NUC10 using PC.
NUC10 IP address listed after Rock install does bring up Roon Core status page on PC.—All OK.
RoonOS 1.0 (build 227) stable; Hostname ROCK.
Roon Server SW: Version 1.8 (build 795) stable

Seems I needed to Unauthorize the original Core and Login to New replacement Core.
Great, but as original Core unit failed completely, how can I restore my original playlists that took me 8 months to build?

I use Tidal frequently and have this under Roon now, but don’t see my Roon Playlists.

Hello @JamesW!! :v:t2:

Do you happen to have any backups saved to another location such as Dropbox or a USB flash drive? If so you can restore your database with all your settings, library, and playlist with those.

Additionally, good catch with deauthorizing the old core and authorizing your new NUC. That’s required anytime you migrate your Core.

System did ask if I wished to save a few times and each time I did, although I don’t know where it saved to.

Hello again @JamesW

You mentioned that your old NUC8 died; does it boot up at all? Are you able to access anything on that machine?

Hi Jamie.

No. Nuc8 was fried due to power supply failures to 31 volt after 8 months of 19 volt.


Hello @JamesW

I’m sorry to hear that the NUC8 was a complete loss and that you’re unable to access the unit entirely. Unfortunately, without knowledge of your previous backup destination and the ability to restore any of those backups it means that you’ll be starting with a new database.

It truly pains me to have to communicate this to you James as it sounds like you spent quite a bit of time curating and perfecting your previous database. If there’s any chance that you retained any of your previous backups somewhere other than on the NUC8 we could restore your previous settings, playlists, and favorites.

To prevent situations such as this we strongly encourage frequent backups to safeguard against database loss. This article from our help center provides some recommendations that may be helpful to you.

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