Replacement Nucleus - Account Issue


My old nucleus died and my dealer just sent me a new one and now it won’t let sign in. It says my account is set to the old nucleus and to contact roon support. Please help


Moved thread to proper category, so that @support will see it

Hey @Tony_Dotson,

It’s so great to hear you got your Nucleus replaced, before you even reached out - we’re delighted that Roon + Nucleus it’s working out so well for you.

Do you see an unauthorize option on the bottom right of the screen? Choosing that should allow you to log in (as it deactivates the previous session on your old Nucleus).


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I am curious to hear how your nucleus “died” and how “old” it was. I have one for less than a year and it’s on 24/7. Is it better to switch it off at night, for instance?

Hey @Tony_Dotson,

We didn’t want to close this thread before making sure that you were able to log into your Nucleus. Of course, this follow up is also to see if we can help with anything else :nerd_face:

Please, let us know :pray: