Replacing amp with?

I have a pair of ELAC Navi’s active speakers. My setup: MacMini>AlloDigiOne>Schiit Gugnir>Schiit Ragnorak>ELAC Navi’s. I’m selling the Ragnorak since the amp is no longer needed to power the speakers. I also sometimes listen to vinyl through a Rega phono stage but mostly listen through Roon. Since my speakers are powered and the amp is just being used as a controller at this point, it’s unclear to me what I should replace it with? I need a balanced output for the headphones I use and a controller to be able to switch between vinyl and digital. Any suggestions for an easy not-break-the-bank solution? Do I even need a traditional pre-amp? Let me add that all my music is connected via Ethernet from a server which is how I power Roon. I’m not interested in a network streamer.

A Schiit Freya?


Something like this?

Be aware that, unlike the Freya, the Amazon device is passive, i.e. it can’t be used to convert between balanced and unbalanced.

Thanks, Slim. The NobSound looks interesting as it is basic as a volume control but has balanced input/output. Since my speakers are connected via XLR, wen you say convert between balanced and unbalanced, would that only come into play if I was connected via RCA? The only place where I’m using RCA is the phono stage. Assuming this would work in my case?

Since one of the reasons I’m selling the Ragnorak is that it lacks a remote (new version includes), I don’t think I would get the Nob. Freya could be the trick.

You would put this between your Gugnir and your Navis, right? I meant that one couldn’t use an unbalanced input and expect to be able to output balanced, or vice versa. To accomplish that one would need an active pre-amp, such as the Freya.

I have used this unit in the past. So other than the above caveat, it does what it’s supposed to.

Since your DAC is Schiit anyway, might as well get the Freya. Now, tubed or solid state Freya?