Replacing an Escient DVDM-300 with Roon device

I have an old Escient DVDM-300 that is slowly dying. A device running the Roon Core or a Roon nucleus look like a possible replacement but I cannot determine if the OS does any of what I am able to do with my old Escient. If there is a link with detailed information on the functionality of the BluOS, please post it. I can’t even find a list of supported Genres which is important to my use.

It has probably already become clear that I am not a software engineer, a hardware expert, or even someone that knows the right nomenclature so apologies if I use the wrong terms. Below are some of the functionality that I use in my old Escient that I am looking for in a replacement unit.

  1. Escient allows me to create customer music genres and assign CDs to them. I can also assign CDs to more than one genre. In my case, I have genres for Spanish, French, and Christmas music. Is that possible with Roon? It appears that I can create my own genres albeit it appears to be a much more difficult process than with the Escient.

  2. Escient used Gracenote as the source for its metadata. It was fairly complete. However, several CDs titles and artists had to be manually entered along with the track names. This was a straightforward process I could handle with a regular keyboard. How does this compare with the way unidentified CDs, Artists, Tracks are edited in Roon?

  3. Escient allows me to select and play CDs in random order within a genre or within several genres. Many times (in fact at this very moment), I am playing my jazz genre in random sequence. Yesterday, I played my customer Spanish genre in random track sequence. Is this possible with Roon?

  4. I have approximate 300GB (FLAC) of cataloged CDs, artists, tracks, and genres including those genres and genre assignments that I created myself of music on my Escient’s hard drive. It seems that I can transfer my information including customer genres and genre assignments to the Roon Nucleus. Not being conversant in tech, I might have misunderstood what I was reading. Will the data, genres, and other data be transferred as is or will the existing structures be replaced by another?

Escient, like Oppo has exited the hardware business so I need to find a replacement that will give me as much functionality as I have come to enjoy with my DVDM-300. I hope it is Roon and possibly the Nucleus. Am I correct in assuming that the Nucleus cannot rip CDs to the hard drive?

If you plug in an external disk reader then the Nucleus, or any other computer running ROCK can rip CDs. You might want to try Roon out first by loading it on a computer and trying it out. There is a 14 day trial.