Replacing hard drive in NUC Roon rock


I have Roon Rock running on a NUC with a 2To HDD inside.

As I’m running out of space, I’m planning to replace the hard drive with a 4To SSD.

How should I proceed?

Should I simply replace the drives and then copy all the music to the new drive?

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This mostly depends on if you have access to Linux outside ROCK. Do you?

Sorry, you’re asking if I have acces to a computer running linux?

Yes, because the filesystem on the internal drive is EXT4 – unless you are running special device drivers for MacOS/Windows, which I don’t suggest, you will have trouble copying the data.

Might be simpler to take a backup of the music files to an external drive, and then restore to the newly formatted drive?

He needs to extend the partition.

Hmm. I’m not sure I’m following this. As it’s likely that I’ll be looking to upgrade my internal storage on my ROCK NUC in the future, I’d better get this right… What I thought I would need to do is:

  1. Take a backup of my music files and folders (and by that I mean a file copy) over the network to another drive. (I use Allway Sync running on my PC for this).
  2. Shut down ROCK
  3. replace the internal drive in the NUC
  4. Boot the NUC
  5. Stop the Roon Server using the web administration page.
  6. Format the new drive in the NUC using the web administration page.
  7. Copy back the music files and folders.
  8. Start the Roon Server.

I’m not sure where “extending the partition” comes into this? Thanks.

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that works… I was thinking he doesn’t want to use the network copy.

If you don’t want to network copy, here is the procedure:

  1. unplug old drive from ROCK machine
  2. plug in new drive to ROCK machine
  3. format new drive using ROCK web ui
  4. unplug new drive from ROCK machine
  5. plug both drives into Linux machine
  6. copy files
  7. put new drive back into ROCK machine
  8. go!

step 5&6 requires Linux or a machine with EXT4 support.

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Hello thank you for your replies,


All my music is backed up in a Synology NAS.

Is the following possible?


  • I plug the new drive to my NAS using USB connection
  • I format the drive with EXT4 filesystem
  • Then I copy all the music to that new drive
  • Then I swap the drives in the NUC

Option_2 (Geoff_Coupe’s)

  • Shut down ROCK
  • replace the internal drive in the NUC
  • Boot the NUC
  • Stop the Roon Server using the web administration page.
  • Format the new drive in the NUC using the web administration page.
  • Copy back the music files over the network
  • Start the Roon Server

Won’t Option_2 mess up my Roon database when Rock boots with a blank drive?
I’ll take at least 30 seconds before I can stop Roon from the web interface…

If option 2 is ok, I’d rather go that way. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Thomas,

I think you messed up with the @ notifiers and had a space in where it shouldn’t. I am pinging them below (notice they are greyed).

But, I think you’ll be fine doing option 2.

@Geoff_Coupe @danny

Following up on this since I am doing this very thing right now, moving from a 2TB internal Samsung SSD drive to a 4TB internal Samsung SSD drive in my Intel NUC running ROCK.

I have removed the existing SSD drive and am copying its contents onto my NAS. I have shutdown the NUC, installed the new SSD, and re booted the Intel NUC running ROCK. What do I need to do to see the new 4TB drive as internal storage on Roon? I do not see it in the Rock.Local web interface nor as internal storage in the Mac Roon Interface under Settings ->Storage.

It is also not present when viewing the Rock - Data directory under MacOS, I see the Storage folder, but is empty.

Am I missing a step or do I need to wait for ROCK to format the new internal disc, or do I need to do something to format the new internal SSD drive?


The Settings-Storage view in Roon (below) is only showing my NAS storage I have for Roon.

Never mind - for whatever reason - perhaps user error - it took about 8 attempts to reseat the Internal HD in its harness for it to show up. Issue resolved.

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