Replacing low quality tracks with high quality streamed tracks


I have imported some 1500 tracks from my iTunes library which are the ones i valued highly and listened to most.
Sometimes it is only just one track from an album.

However the quality of these tracks is in many cases less then the ones found on Qobuz.

Of course i can search for them 1:1 and put the new found ones in the library or a playlist and remove the old ones.
However this requires really a lot of time.

I have used the roon export list where i can clearly identify the source of a track.

I wonder if i could use this export file or another method to search for and replace lower quality tracks with tracks found on the streaming services.

I assume more people have been dealing with this issue
and i would welcome some advice.


Take a look at Soundizz, this may do what you need (I successfully used this to move my favourites and playlists from TIDAL to Qobuz.)

I interpret this to be a question about whether you can play the highest (or a higher - at least Redbook) version of the same track from Qobuz if I have a lower quality file.

I have bought vinyl with 320kbps MP3 files. That’s the best I could get with my record. Could the higher quality version be defaulted in this instance?

There’s nothing preventing you from adding an alternative version of an album to your library. Whether someone wants Roon to automatically add and prefer a version of higher sample rate / bit depth is moot. I certainly wouldn’t want this feature, but you are welcome to raise a #roon:feature-suggestions.

You might not be able to do this. Depending on what you’re looking for, an LP, CD, or lossless download will surely be superior to any iTunes purchase because that’s all weirdly still lossy, yes?

Just decide what’s important and allow the rest to recede into memory.

That’s the nature of collecting and curating. :slight_smile:

… I don’t particularly like my response above, but thought it might help to highlight the struggle many of us have regarding versioning.

Thank you all,
I added in the library high quality tracks from qobuz and compared them for a couple of hours against the iTunes versions. The qobuz tracks sounded definitely better.

it is indeed the intention to leave most of the iTunes files behind on the macmini but to keep the playlists.
After all it took years to build up a library of favorite music in different categories. Besides this i use roon radio or qobuz suggestions a lot to expand on this.

The playlist are basically pointers to a sound file and i want to change those pointers to available higher quality tracks on qobuz or any other supported streaming service.

I don’t want to do this on a track by track basis i looked at the sounddizz software and will give it a try.
If it works as documented it will even enable a relatively switch from one streaming service to another.


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