Replacing Music folder with new medium, using former metadata

Roon Core Machine

Mac Mini 2014
Samsung T7 for music files
Roon build 1353

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Description of Issue

I had to replace my Sandisk with the music files by a new Samsung T7 that has all music cloned.
I have a recent backup of the Roon status, which I want to apply to, and use with my new medium. I assume that I will lose all metadata that I have created with the old SSD if Roon server scans the new SSD anew.
Can I use the latest backup and how do I make sure Roon accepts the new SSD as the music folder and applies the existing metadata?

If the new SSD is a clone of the old SSD, then I think that going to Roon’s Settings > Storage and editing the path to the Watched Folder to reflect the new filepath should preserve everything for you.

Well, the content is exactly the same, but the disk name is different because I want to be able to discriminate the different external media. But if that’s an issue with Roon, I’ll change the disk’s name.

Am I right to suspect that I would lose all changed metadata if the new disk is scanned anew?

No - editing the filepath of an existing Watched Folder to use the new disc and filepath should not lose the metadata. Roon will scan the new disc and recognise that the contents are known already in its database.

Okay, that worked surprisingly well. Thanks.

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