Replacing PC with Nucleus One

Hi all, I am moving my roon server from an older pc to the nucleus one. I know I need to connect the nucleus one to Ethernet first. Do I need to have my PC off when I do the nucleus one set up? I thought I had seen a set up video before, but can’t find it. I have a 2.5 disk that I will be using, and I know that the drive needs formatting. Once that is done, can I plug the nucleus one to my pc via usb, and drag and drop my music files? Thanks all.

Not really

No. You can only transfer the music via the network. For that both devices will need to be turned on and connected to the same network.

Thanks. On the transfer, those music files are my PC’s hard drive, still transfer through the network?

Your Nucleus will show up on the network and have a series of folders , this is a NUC but the principal will be the same. Your 2.5 drive will be Internal Storage. Just Drag n Drop / Copy Paste your files into Internal Storage then set as the Watched folder in Roon


The messy name is a USB external drive which needn’t bother you.

Great, thanks gents.