Replacing Request F3 by roon system

I have a request F3 music server with 4 separate outputs, going into a Crestron whole house system with Crestron panels allowing me to both assigned the 4 outputs to any combination of 12 different zones (with up to 4 independent streams coming out of the F3), and brows music on my NAS.

I am considering to replace this outdated system by a roon operated system. What do I need to do this?

My understanding is:

4 roon ready combined network-players/DACs, like the Linn Sekrit DS

1 Nucleus running the roon core

1 or more Clients on tables, Iphones, or computers

Is this correct? Or will I need to run 4 separate cores on 4 Nucleus to get the same multi-zone functionality I have today? Note that I want independent streams both from my NAS, and from Tidal, all run through roon.

I also understand that Crestron integration is not yet very well developed, so my understanding is that I will be able to use my Crestron panels to assign zones to the 4 network players (replacing my 4 Request audio streams), but that I will have to use a roon client on, say, and Ipad, to browse music on Tidal or my NAS. Again, please let me know whether I understand this correctly.

Thanks in advance,

One core will run multiple zones independently or, if using the same protocols, in sync. You may be able to do what you want by simply replacing the F3 with a Nucleus + but I don’t know enough about how Crestron works. You can look at the Roon reference material:
And you can always call in a man who will have a better idea of its abilities.

Have you ever seen reasons to use more than one core? What would be the reason for doing that? I understand that tidal only allows for one live stream at a time, but heard that with room, you somehow get around that as long as you don’t try to do different streams on different systems, I.e., simultaneously on two phones while on the road (which is not my concern). But two tidal streams on the same core streamed to different end points is fine, correct?

Works fine here for me…

I haven’t had a problem with multiple streams on Tidal but I never thought it might be a problem. It might be worth a bit of experimentation!