Replacing ROCK SSD

Hi guys I have cloned( using a PC) my ROCKs SSD onto a new replacement SSD and it is not booting.
Using a SFF lenovo as ROCK.
Any ideas?

Sorry to clarify I am trying to replace the actual ROCK core SSD only, has no music files on it.

I have no idea if that is supported. Given that it only takes a few minutes to install from the image I’d do it the"normal" way and then apply a backup.

Thanks. Yeah was too hard to take the easy clone way…
Installed fresh and retore from back up is what I have done.
Interesting that a cloned SSD would not boot… not exactly cloned then?

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I wonder if Rock has some weird bootloader that the duplicator didn’t resolve properly.

Hi @Alexander_Leschmann,

Glad to hear the manual install worked as expected, we suggest using this process instead of trying to clone the Roon “live database”, see Backup Documentation. In any case, sounds like the backup worked :+1:

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