Replacing to a bigger internal SSD on Nucleus+

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Necleus+ with internal 2TB SSD and 2TB external USB drive

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SOtM sNH-10G connected to Necleus+

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USB 3.0 cable to iFi Audio micro iUSB 3.0 then to KEF LS50 wireless

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Hi Everyone,

I installed a 2TB SSD internal drive when I first got the Nucleus+ when it first came out. My music library got too big too quickly so I connected an external 2TB USB 3.0 hard drive directly to the Nucleus+. Now I just purchased a new 4TB SSD drive for the Nucleus+. I do the files transfer from a network computer. The questions I have for your guys are 1. What is the best way to move all these files to the new internal 4TB SSD? And not losing all the carefully groomed album information (ie, tags, pictures of artists, etc.) I have created for these albums. I do backup in both locations: internal 2TB SSD and external 2TB USB drive. 2. Will the backup file(s) recognize that the new combine music files are no long in two different locations but in newly installed SSD? Or I am just complicating myself here… Thanks in advance for any comments or advice!!


Roons backup only backs up the database (and your edits), not the music files. So, if you can restore the new drive from a music backup, the database, which sits on a different internal drive, will not be affected and just auto update with the new file path information. Turn off auto-updates (drive watching) before you change the drive… enable it again after you’ve copied all the music files to it.

Hi @Chien_Chih_Andy_Su,

We have an article detailing how to move your music collection in our KB — That’s definitely the best place to start here. If you have any questions about this please let us know!

Also, as noted in the article, make sure you make a backup prior to moving your collection just to be safe.

Thanks Mike!! Turning off auto updates is a good advice!! Thanks again!! Cheers!1

Thank you very much for the info Dylan!! I will looking into it!! Much appreciated for your time and advice!!

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