Replacing unavailable Tidal tracks with Qobuz versions?

I started my Roon life with a Tidal subscription and built up a few playlists where I have collected tracks of interest discovered through Roon Radio. I probably have a couple of hundred tracks to investigate (listen to more of each artist’s work before deciding whether to add interesting albums to my library). My issue is that I have now moved to Qobuz so all of those tracks in my playlists are showing as “unavailable” (obviously!).

Is there any quick way to replace all of those tracks with Qobuz versions where available? I do still have my Tidal subscription running but have it disabled in Roon, initially so that I could be sure that I was getting only the Qobuz experience during my Qobuz free trial and that Tidal wasn’t filling in too many gaps, but I left it disabled afterwards in order to uncover issues such as this in preparation for cancelling my Tidal sub.

I fear that the only way to do this might be to write down (or maybe screenshot) all the unavailable tracks (is there a way to export playlist contents to a text file?), search for each track again in Roon to find the Qobuz version if available, add the Qobuz version and then delete the Tidal one. If there is a better way to do that I would be very interested in knowing about it.

Soundiiz and other similar services work here. You can export the playlist and then tell the service to find them in Qobuz
Or if they are in a tidal playlist directly find equivalents.
I’ve moved it to support as more people look there.

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