ReplayGain in Import Settings and Volume Levelling

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Apologies for the cross-post but my post hasn’t been answered in the other section so thought it might get the necessary eyeballs here.

In Library > Import Settings there is a section “ReplayGain Tags” where you have two options. Are my following interpretations correct?

1/ If both are selected Roon defaults to the values contained within ReplayGain tags assuming they are present and if Volume Levelling is enabled for that zone?

2/ If only the first option is selected Roon does Volume Levelling based on its own calculations and ignores the ReplayGain tags?

3/ If Volume Levelling is enabled then selecting Option 1 has no effect since Roon uses its own methodology rather than ReplayGain?

The TL;DR version of this post is: if someone wants Roon to do their Volume Levelling and not use ReplayGain, assuming they’ve enabled it on the appropriate zone(s) what is the purpose of the first option in the import settings? :smiley:

Hi @norliss,

Please look over our Volume Leveling documentation regarding these options: (towards the bottom)

If that explanation does not help, do let me know and I can request further clarification from the tech team.

Hi. Yes, I’ve read that before but I don’t quite understand the purpose of the first option in the library settings.

If I want Volume Levelling, but done the Roon way i.e. R128 I switch this on in the relevant place per zone(s). If I want ReplayGain I need to do this but also have both of the options in the library set to yet to yes (assuming my files contain ReplayGain metadata).

But if I have Volume Levelling set to on but have the second of the two options in Library Settings set to off (i.e. ReplayGain tags do not override Roon Audio Analysis) what is the purpose of the first option?

I’ve tried playing back files (with volume levelling on) with the first option both on and off but it makes no discernible difference as far as I can tell.

What is it that I’m misunderstanding?

Hi @norliss,

Let me consult with the QA team who might have more insight into these options. I have put in a request for clarification and once I hear back from them I’ll follow-up here.

Still not heard back from them?

Hello @norliss,

Yes, I did hear back from QA. Clarification on the two switches:

  1. Use REPLAYGAIN_* tags when present:
    By default, Roon does not scan for REPLAYGAIN tags at all. Toggling this switch will let Roon know to scan the file tags for a REPLAYGAIN tag and use it when there is no Audio Analysis performed for the content.

  2. REPLAYGAIN_* tags override Roon's Audio Analysis:
    Roon performs it’s own audio analysis of files, and toggling this switch sets a higher preference for the REPLAYGAIN tag, even if Roon completed the audio analysis through the regular scan process.

Hope this helps!

Hi - thanks, that does help. One further question, if I may?

With respect to Option 1: in what scenario would Roon not perform Audio Analysis?

If you enable the setting to tell Roon not to perform it. Under Roon Settings -> Library -> Background/On-Demand Audio Analysis -> Off.

Thanks, I didn’t know about that!

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