Replicate Spotify's year in review and other discovery features

Spotify does great stuff with metadata… goes through your data and gives an interactive story of your year in music, how many minutes, top artists, top songs, etc.

They make an automatic playlist of your top 100 songs.

They make a new playlist called TasteBreakers of songs you are likely to enjoy.

That is all for year end, of course during the year they have several Discovery features like Your Daily Mix with mulitple playlists generated.

I hope some of these provide inspiration to Roon for future!


PS - as far as I can tell, Tidal has nothing like this, but it fits better with Roon anyway

You can create a playlist of your most played tracks using Roon. Go to Library > Tracks and use Focus to see your most played tracks and save them to a playlist. Lots of ways to cut this.


Spotify also has Genius integration. Track-level metadata of some kind (beyond lyrics) would be very welcome.

How to save it as a playlist Martin?

Select all (⌘A, Ctrl-A) and you’ll see a bar across the top of the screen with n selected. Press the character and Add To A Playlist.

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I just save whatever playlists I like in Spotify and use Soundiiz to convert to Tidal playlists, then play them in Roon.

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I do that too, but not the point. By playing music on Tidal via Roon, the song plays are not saved in the Spotify engine to generate recommendations. Maybe I should not have listed the Top 100 as the example – Spotify does much more than that. I am entering a Feature Request to do much more than just the Top 100.

It is probably a reworking of Discover page (which I admittedly don’t go to enough) with the future version of Radio.

At the end of every year I am reminded of Spotify’s personal year wrap up. I hope the new AI features let Roon do something similar- insights from our playing data.

I barely listened to Spotify so my data is very sparse!