Report: 90% of Music Collections Exist Solely on Hard Drive Lost Somewhere in Closet

Ok, this is just a funny article, but the problem is real: I have a lot of interesting not-so-legally-collected MP3s around 2000 (+/-). The quality is often sh*t (128…), but I can’t find a lot of it elswhere. No CD, vinyl, or download/stream.

Morally, I should just delete it all, but I don’t have the heart. I don’t listen to it, but as many music interested people, I’m a hoarder.

Anyone else with a “legacy” collection of digital music, from the days of WinAmp and 10 GB Ipod?

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I have a quest: to replace all my poor quality MP3’s with 16/44 FLAC or better. Sales, eBay, second hand shops, etc… It’s fun searching stuff out, it’s often not expensive, and the rewards are real. Might not work for everything, but you get a new warm and fuzzy for the stuff you can replace.


I have of course replaced a lot of it, mostly vinyl. I’ll start the quest again, I guess a lot of it is found on Discogs. It’s interesting to see how much is missing on Tidal/Spotify, especially whole catalogs from smaller labels.

It’s is for sure the only right thing to do. Just push that button…