Reporting a mistake and understanding how Roon reflects it

There seems to be a mistake in allmusic that leads to duplication of Al Green

This leads to some albums (local) being associated with one, while others with the others.

I will report this with allmusic and hope they will fix it.

I am curious though how Roon deals with this. Does Roon ever update my library? If so, will I need to do anything or will the two Al Greens automatically merge into one once allmusic fixes this?

Ah… There are actually two Al Greens. So, allmusic is accurate.

My question is still relevant to better understand how Roon works. What would have happened if allmusic would have been corrected / updated.

And another question about Al Green…

One album of the famous Al Green

All seems fine on allmusic

What Roon does with it:

  • Associated with the right Al Green (as primary artist links)

  • The album is also listed under “with Al Green” under the other Al Green

  • Under credits, the right Al Green shows up under “composer”, but the other Al Green shows under “lyricist”. “Lyricist” doesn’t show up in almusic, so no clue where Roon gets the data?