Reporting incorrect metadata

Will it be possible to flag or report incorrect metadata, at least until it’s possible to fix it manually? Here’s one example. I don’t have any music in the Latin genre, but roon thinks I do. It lists one artist, pianist and conductor Daniel Barenboim (who was, indeed, born in Argentina), and one album by Fela Kuti, as being part of that genre.

Another: Andy Partridge is listed in Reggae, though the only album I have is one where he plays with Harold Budd, and it is more of an ambient album. Partridge may have played on some dub/reggae albums, but nothing in my library suggests that he should be part of that genre.

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To flag for yourself, you can Tag anything: albums or artists. Does that help?

It would be great if Roon could collect metadata feedback via the app to improve their metadata server’s offering, but I suspect that’s some way away (if it’s practical at all…).

I believe that is actually on the roadmap.

A similar reporting mechanism would be useful for things like wrong artist photo or album art … I’ve definitely run into wrong artist photo, and I would have thought that a crowd-sourced solution would be the most scalable for this kind of thing :slight_smile: Thanks!

Yup, it’s on the roadmap. Having a way for our users to submit metadata issues in-app will be hugely helpful to us, even though we’ve already got plenty of work in the pipeline that’s going to greatly improve metadata.

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