Reproducible bug

Roon Core Machine

Mac Pro 2013 64GB RAM, Mac OS 10.5.7
3.5Ghz 6-core intel Exo E5

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Netgear Orbi
Mac Pro is on Ethernet

Connected Audio Devices

Local DAC (ifi)

Library Size

10,000 tracks

Description of Issue

Search for ‘Electric Light Orchestra’
Choose ‘View Artist’ from the suggested items list that pops up

Other artists do not have this problem, though I have only tried it with so many…

Force quitting Roon is the only way out, and relaunching just recreates the problem. The only way to solve it so far is to remove the tidal_account file in ~/Library/Roon/Database/Registry/Core, relaunch Roon, and sign in to Tidal again.

After getting back in, I can search for and view the artist without issue (only Qobuz logged in).

So, seems like maybe a Tidal thing (just guessing), but it’s a nasty behavior.
Waiting it out doesn’t work either - it hung for over an hour last time I tested it and was still sitting there.

Hi @Brian_Breneman, I just tried this and the artist opened okay for me. Can you share a recording of this happening on your end? There might be a step I’m missing here. Thanks!

No easy way to share a video here I don’t think (upload doesn’t work) but I just tried it with The Rolling Stones and same thing… Roon keeps playing the audio, beachball spins, and UI is frozen (including no motion on the progress indicator or elapsed time). All I did was select the Artist Name from the UI this time (vs searching). FWIW, I use both Tidal and Qobuz. My guess is that it’s hanging when trying to communicate with one of them.

Continues to be reproducible. This time, it required killing both the Tidal and Qobuz accounts. Thus far, it only happens when clicking on, or searching for and selecting, and Artist.

Hi @Brian_Breneman, you can upload the video here:

Ok - video uploaded.

Thanks, @Brian_Breneman. That’s definitely strange. I’m still not able to get it to happen on my end, it might be caused by an album you have in your library for that artist. How many do you have stored locally for them?