Reproducible Hard Hang/Force Reboot ROON 1.3 (204) OS X 10.10.5

I seem to be getting a reproducible system-wide hang (beachball, no keyboard input. Mouse moves, but doesn’t click) that forces me to do a hold-the-power-button-down-to-reboot.


  • (as above) Roon Core is a mac mini running 10.12.3, Local playback is via Roon on my Mac Pro on 10.10.5 (this is what hangs forcing a reboot), into a USBPre2 into headphones.
  • DSP Engine On: Upsample PCM to multiple of source, Parametric EQ OFF (default flat)
  • Exclusive Mode: ON


  1. Play a file (I chose 16/44.1 FLAC file. Not tested on other file types)
  2. right-click on the end-point in the control strip on the bottom of the UI. (to bring up the context menu)
  3. Select DSP Engine
  4. Select Parametric EQ
  5. Change one of the nodes by clicking on the dot, and dragging.
  6. Observe the parametric EQ is OFF (oops, no wonder I didn’t hear any difference)
  7. Observe the system stops accepting input, although the song still plays.
  8. Observe that the entire OS is no longer responding to keyboard input, nor mouse clicks.
  9. Observe a part of your soul dying a little bit.
  10. Weep softly to yourself, as you reach over and force a reboot by holding down the power button.

This bug is 100% reproducible on my system. Every time I try to nudge the Parametric EQ, I have to manually reboot the machine due to the hang. (the hang, btw is permanent until reboot.)

I’m free to install a debug build if needed.

Thanks @CM_Harrington@vova and I will look into this.

Hi @CM_Harrington ---- I wanted to touch base with you as our QA department has been struggling to replicate this behavior in house and have made a request for further data and log gathering. I will be contacting you via PM momentarily with instructions. Thanks!


In the intervening days, I upgraded the OS on the local machine (Mac Pro). It’s now running 10.11.6. It however, still exhibits the hard hang as described above.

I’ll check out the DM and continue with those instructions.