Reproducing MQA recordings from TIDAL through Meridian 218

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Meridian 218

Description Of Issue

When I play an MQA file from TIDAL (through Roon), the light of MQA circuit in the front panel of my Meridian 218 remains off.

Does it mean that it is not performing the MQA file? Why this happens?

Thank you for your help!

I use a Meridian 210/218 and the MQA lights work via Roon and Tidal with MQA material. The light (in a single zone) will be purple or green depending on MQA or MQA Studio…
Have you selected MQA quality in the Tidal section in Roon?

Thank you Chris! I had selected “MASTER” in the TIDAL window…

What about on your Native Tidal app?

I cannot connect TIDAL “directly” through Meridian 218 (or another piece of equipment) in my system (without Roon). In the beginning I had TIDAL in my system using a Meridian MC200 (server), but a year ago, Meridian stopped updating the connection protocole and the server cannot support TIDAL any more. This was one of the reasons why I enter Roon…

I mean, in the tidal app on an iPad or something

Just in case?
Otherwise, do you have any DSP engaged in Roon.

Also how is your 218 set here wishing Roon?

Thank you Chris, but in my iPad and Iphone (also in my laptop) the app Tidal is set at “Master” streaming and the configuration of 218 in Roon app is set at “Decoder and Render” option…

That’s all I can think of as sometimes these can be overlooked. Not sure what to suggest now as the MQA should light if an unadulterated MQA signal enters the device. Have you tried the MQA Radio test stream via Roon?

Thank you for everything Chris, I will try with MQA Radio as you mentioned.

Hello Chris, I found the problem in my system: I had configured the DSP of Meridian 218 with an EQ filter (enabled). This caused the light of MQA circuit of my Meridian 218 remained off. So, I disabled the filter.
Thank you…Miguel

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That’s brilliant, good find… Enjoy the music now…

Many thanks for your kind advice Chris!

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