Request: Categories of Roon Readiness

This is a request based on my own experience and probable miss-understanding of what was meant by a device being certified as “Roon Ready”.

I recently invested in a new “Roon Ready” endpoint, namely a Auralic Aries G1. Now my expectation of “Roon Ready” would be that Roon would know the capabilities of the device in question and behave accordingly. With the G1 this was not the case, the G1 did not report it’s capabilities to Roon, so Roon carried out downsampling, DSD to PCM conversion etc rather than the device.

Now Auralic are addressing some of this with their latest Beta firmware (DSD to PCM is still not available), but it seems to be that a categorisation of “Roon Readiness” might be helpful to the consumer?


Part of the problem here is the Aries series is not the final destination. The DAC connected to it is, and there is no way for the Aries to know the DAC’s capabilities. Instead, it will tell Roon what it thinks is connected to it (if the connection is using the USB output on the Aries), and if Roon has that in their database, then they can automatically configure it. When firmware 6 is released, then the Aries can pretend to be the final destination, as it will take whatever Roon sends it and feed it through its own processing before sending it to DAC.

With the Vega series, the Vega is the DAC and Roon knows how to configure it correctly “out of the box”. (At least, it did with my Vega G2.)

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I think that you are re-enforcing the point that I am making.

There could be 3 categories:

  1. “Dumb” Endpoints - They support RAAT but Roon does all the processing
  2. Limited function endpoints - what they do depends on what is connected as a DAC and the DAC connection
  3. Full function endpoints - something like the Vega or the G1 with the R6 firmware

I think that kind of information would be useful for idiots like me!!

Roon Ready means something very specific, that the device is a using RAAT (the connection/transfer protocol) and that Roonlabs have verified that the device’s implementation of RAAT is correct. Meaning that the user just has to plug the device into a network to work as a Roon endpoint using RAAT and that Roon will see it automatically on the network and have it available to be used (assuming no other network issues).

Okay, so as I have said maybe my expectations were incorrect; that doesn’t change the fact that endpoints behave in different ways (as I have described) and I would have thought that would be useful information to know.

Good points, I think it is assumed that people know what a server, network, client, DAC, control point are and of course a lot of people don’t.
I wonder what the split is between DIY installations and dealer led now?
If the majority are dealer led then perhaps there is less focus on man in the street language and explanations.

Following on @anon14379623 OP, you are on the right track, but I think “dumb” and “limited” are perjorative. Those classifications may not be highly sought after by the manufacturers.

I have come up with a more nuanced rating scheme and related meanings that keeps the intent of your proposal intact, but takes some of the “edge” off. Here goes:

  • “Roon Familiar” – Company has been furnished a copy of RAAT specs and that’s it
  • “Roon Aware” – Company can recognize a RAAT signal when received, but may or may not do anything with it
  • “Roon Aspirant” – Company really wants to comply with RAAT but, well dangit, they have an audio Expo deadline coming and can’t finish everything
  • “Roon Pocketed” – Company has paid an untold sum to Roon for unspecified forbearance
  • “Roon Purportedly Ready” – Company says it’s ready but Roon hasn’t verified it; and
  • “Roon Really Ready” (a.k.a the Three R’s) – Company has provided prototypes, and Roon has verified that all aspects of the RAAT specs have been implemented and are working correctly.

This could be useful to both marketers and buyers alike.

Thanks John, my choice of phrasing was to illustrate the point and not intended to be Marketing ready!!!