Request for a subgenre 'tab' on Genre pages

Please could we have a tab for SUBGENRE on the specific genre pages, similar to the tabs on an Artist page - Overview, Discography, Composition.

I, and I’m sure many others, regularly like to drill down into subgenres, and scrolling to the bottom of a long genre page full of recommendations etc… to see the subgenres isn’t a particularly great UX.

Thank you.

I didn’t change the font/capitalization of the text ‘subgenre’ on the tab in this mockup of the Classical genre, but you get the idea:



The current way of handling genres / sub-genres is not well tought out.


I hope this is adopted because it would make finding sub-genres much easier.

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This would be great! I really like that it would also add consistency with the Artist page.

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I like that suggestion :slight_smile:

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a very good idea!
This can also clear up the mess in the genre display. Sometimes the first entry “Radio” is followed by the entry “My Albums” and then “My Artists”.
But there is also the representation “My Albums”, “My Artists” and then “Radio”.
And then there is the presentation without “radio” - just “my albums” followed by “my artists”. (I would personally prefer this arrangement.)

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