Request for HQplayer equipment hookup guide

Trying to incorporate HQPlayer desktop into my existing Roon setup

I’m confused where my NAA device (fanless mini pc) gets hooked up. Thanks in advance for your help.


It would be the one / replace the one called “Streamer”.

Thanks Jussi

So HQPlayer replaces the need for a Streamer? (Waversa wstreamer)

You need a device that can act as an HQPlayer NAA in the “streamer” spot.

One last question please. Currently using MHDT Pagoda dac
24 bit/192kHz max, not dsd capable
PCM1704 chip, CS8416 receiver

Suggested settings please

Set DAC Bits to 24 (I would also suggest trying 18). Dither to TPDF or Gauss1.

Filter is up to your preferences. Default values are good starting point, but I would suggest to refer to the manual and try some other options too.