Request for Labels to Be Added to Tidal


I overall am very pleased with Tidal.

However, being a lover of jazz and classical music, I wish tidal would add the following labels:

Steeplechase, CamJazz, Sunnyside, HighNote, ECM


ECM New Series, Hyperion, recent Chandos and BIS titles

Albums 'unavailable' in roon, but they are available directly from TIDAL
(Daniel Beyer) #2

I would suggest posting on Tidal’s forum would get better results.


To my knowledge, there is no Tidal forum. Since people from Tidal visit this forum, I thought this was a logical place to post.

(Daniel Beyer) #4

Sorry, don’t use tidal so did not realize they have no way to make suggestions directly.


You could always Tweet Jay Z :smiley:

(Brian Luczkiewicz) #6

Those labels + Winter+Winter are basically my list, for the same reasons.

The worst thing is that they allow browsing of a lot of ECM content, but it’s all “unavailable” once you click into the albums.

Albums on Tidal only available through browser

Yes I hate the ECM thing too. Hopefully it means the ECM catalogue is coming… we shall see.

I hope @palbratelund is taking notice :wink:

(PĂĄl BrĂĄtelund) #8

Oh. We know. We have been pushing for these labels to stream for years. It’s not our decision but the labels’. We keep asking.


So why are they in the Tidal library at all?


Hi Pal,

I second Brian’s request for Winter & Winter.

Also, not sure you are aware, but Spotify streams the Steeplechase catalog.

Also, recent Chandos and BIS appears on classics online (the Naxos streaming site).




One other question.

Why are there no user forums on Tidal?

(PĂĄl BrĂĄtelund) #12

Long story short: we have a buy-to-stream/download service in the Nordics that’s based on the same catalogue. That’s why they’re there but not available everywhere.

What we are listening to [2017]
Your favourite 4 ECM albums?
(PĂĄl BrĂĄtelund) #13

Because we are a small team and are busy trying to fix a lot of things :wink:

(David Orgel) #14

On a whim, I just searched for “Eberhard Weber” via Roon. On Tidal, 21 albums show up. All are “unavailable.”

I’m not really surprised at the results, and I don’t think it’s Tidal’s fault. It’s just such a drag that all those albums are listed and I can’t listen to any of them.

(Tom T) #15

Thanks for checking on that. I’ve been hoping those albums become available (USA) and haven’t checked lately.

At least they’re marked “Unavailable.” I hate it when I have a Tidal album playing in Roon and miss the too-short red lettered dialog box that tells me the track is unavailable.

Perhaps these messages could appear in the History. It is sometimes puzzling when a track that’s in the queue doesn’t make it to the History afterword.


If Tidal can mark files as unavailable so that they don’t play in certain regions I don’t understand why they could not mark them so that they don’t even show up in searches in regions where they are not available.

It’s very frustrating to find so may things that you might want to try only to then find they are not available.

(David Orgel) #17

Yes, I agree completely. It’s probably better if you just don’t see albums you can’t play. I can go elsewhere for my discography research.

(Wouldn’t mind the “buy-to-stream/download” service in the US, though, especially if it encompassed the ECM catalog.)

(Tom T) #18

Well, I like to see the artist’s bio and album reviews even if the audio is not available. Gives me a little more insight into the artist (without leaving Roon) and may help point me to a particular album in the artist’s discography that I might purchase, if inclined. Perhaps a symbol, like the red dot indicating live album - maybe a crossed circle over the Tidal symbol that indicates not available. Or little national flags that are crossed out to indicate where it isn’t available. :confounded:

In the long run, this is where I’d like to see Roon become more like a streaming news site customized for my library. When an album or artist I favorite DOES become available, it would be cool to have that display in my “Here’s what’s going on in your library today” page. Things like reviews for albums that may have been missing before or streaming capability of a previously embargoed stream. Perhaps too much to ask.

(David Orgel) #19

If making albums invisible (or having an option to do so) when they’re not available is not do-able, I agree that it would be helpful to have a badge on such albums to indicate that they can’t be played.